Делаю массаж у себя на дому или выезжаю к Вам.

Цена 2000 рублей.

На все виды массажа.

Hello! Let's get acquainted, my name is Pavel, I am 38 years old, I am a private massage therapist with a rich (over 7 years) of experience conducting a variety of massage for beauty, health, relaxation... a Massage for me is not a craft, but a real art!
Your body is a whole element of emotion and enjoyment, which you will be able to fully, having experienced the unique sensation of soul and body from the massage therapist who loves his work and is ready to share positive emotions and energy.

Offer many types of massage for beauty, health, relaxation.
No matter if you are male or female, we all share the desire for novelty of sensations and the opening unique possibilities of our perceptual capacities.
Relaxing, erotic massage allows You to immerse yourself into a world previously unknown emotional enjoyment, enriches Your sensory experience, reveals new facets of Your sexuality. This massage will open Your sexual energy and the energy of Love. During this massage disappear conditionality, and the scope of eligibility widened to infinity... don't miss the chance to treat yourself!
Relax the body and sharpen the senses - is a direct path to the indescribable pleasure which gives the massage.
If You want to experience the fullness of sensations from the massage, please! Accept yourself (3 min. from m. Novokosino), it is also possible departure to You.
Turning to me, You can be absolutely sure that You are provided high-quality, professional, exclusive service with a personal touch!

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Большинство людей весь день проводят за письменным столом в офисе, ведут сидячий образ жизни. И хотя человек физическим трудом не занимался, во всем теле разлита усталость. Как ее снять? Сделать это возможно с помощью самомассажа. Подробнее...

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